Cabman ECO for your BCT

Your company and your drivers smartly en route

With Cabman ECO for your Cabman BCT you do not only save on fuel and maintenance, but will also receive a detailed analysis of the driving performance of your drivers. All data is collected by the BCT and redirected to an online portal.

Insight in driving performance and fuel consumption

All information is redirected via an online portal. Your chauffeurs will be assessed by means of a score system and receive feedback instantly on the BCT, about their driving performance. The driver is checked on several points such as heavy breaking, revs, prolonged idle running and turning speed.

All benefits in a nutshell


  • Save on fuel consumption
  • Judge your drivers on quality
  • Reduce CO2-emission
  • Optimise the quality of your service
  • All information is linked to the completed shifts

The ideal add-on for your BCT

The ECO-module can easily be activated and fully integrated in your Cabman BCT. For Cabman ECO a CAN-Interface is installed before reading extra information from the vehicle. Cabman ECO is only available when using a GPRS signal.