Cabman Data Studio and Cabman Data Studio Live

Endless Excel sheets with complicated data belong to the past with Data Studio. Cabman Data Studio is an extension of Cabman Data and makes raw data transparent. The program does this by providing clear KPIs.

Cabman Data Studio offers a dashboard on which you can see all of your organisation’s KPIs and the data that goes with them. You can view the data of the following KPIs:

  • Total downtime;
  • The number of loaded journeys;
  • Service overview;
  • Average standstill;
  • Total number of journeys;
  • Average KMs per trip;
  • Loaded trip ratio per driver and in total (available soon);
  • Activity distribution;
  • Services with invalid breaks.

Comparing data

In addition to offering you an overview of the collected data, Data Studio also allows you to compare the data. For example, compare the results of this month with those of last month. Or see how your results for this quarter compare to the figures for the same quarter last year. The KPIs will display the percentage and the actual difference to provide you an easy and simple overview.

Custom reports

Data Studio also offers the possibility to generate reports. You can choose which existing columns you want to see. No hassle in Excel, but directly the right report. After choosing the existing columns you can easily filter your report in Data Studio and download the filtered report in Excel.

Cabman Data Studio Live

In addition to Cabman Data Studio, we also offer Cabman Data Studio Live. This addition makes it possible to show data from your dispatch software in Cabman Data Studio. The online dashboard allows you to view your real-time data from the dispatch software in the conveniently arranged KPIs of Data Studio. Do you have a specific KPI that you would like to focus on? No problem at all, when there is sufficient data from your dispatch software, we can create this KPI for you.

Want to know more about Cabman Data Studio and Cabman Data Studio Live?

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