Company profile

We develop solutions on the area of planning software and vehicle equipment for companies in the passenger transport industry.

Cabman International BV is the international sister company of Euphoria Software BV. We have been active in this industry with several products.

Our assortment, known under the name of Cabman, comprises of:

  1. Software and internet solutions: Agenda software, planning tools, reservatioon systems, etc.
  2. Hardware solutions: Taxi data terminals, taxameters, Board Computer Taxi, deposit pillar, modems, etc.

Our customers are taxi companies (1200 companies with a total fleet of 35,000 vehicles), multinationals (such as Unilever, DSM, etc.) and municipalities and County Councils. All these companies use our planning software and/or vehicle equipment.

ISO 27001

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Our mission

We are a software and hardware developer of innovative, high-quality solutions. We take full responsibility for and continuously concentrate on quality and productivity. We enter into long-term partnerships with our customers and staff. We are an organization with young and motivated professionals that have their hearts in the business.

Our strategy

Euphoria focuses on developing high-quality, innovative solutions and takes the customers’ wishes and needs into account. Furthermore, we are driven by the specific wishes and desires of our customers. Euphoria strives for keeping up the quality, service and standards, but also wants to evolve as a company.

Euphoria is ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified.