Cabman Kiosk

Safely depositing money has never been this easy.

With the Cabman Kiosk, the days of confusion about how much cash was received are over. Drivers can use their driver card to identify themselves and deposit the cash from their shift safely and in a controlled manner.


The Cabman Kiosk is connected to your taxi dispatch software, which means that all information is submitted to your systems immediately. The Cabman Kiosk is safe and can serve as a secure vault as well. In addition, the Cabman Kiosk can easily be mounted to an existing wall.

All benefits listed:

  • Live connection with your taxi dispatch software
  • Log in with a driver card or driver code
  • Large and clear touchscreen
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy to install
  • Software can be expanded with new options

Functions of the Cabman Kiosk

The Cabman Kiosk is directly connected to the taxi dispatch software and can be accessed by drivers, managers and administrators. The Cabman Kiosk has various functions and is easy to operate.

Log in with Driver Card

The driver can log in with their driver card and personal pin code. The manager can log in with a unique pin code, gaining access to the various available options of the Cabman Kiosk.

Safe deposit

The driver can see the shifts and outstanding amounts at a glance. The driver can deposit the cash with the press of a button.

Receive change

The driver can easily deposit their cash, as well as receive change.

Easy to manage

In the administrator screen you can see the current status and totals. The administrator can also access various settings through this screen.

Technical specs

  • Compact case
  • Can be mounted on or in the wall
  • Separate storage of banknotes and coins
  • Money containers secured with their own lock
  • Closes with a high-quality lever handle lock
  • Banknote and coin reader
  • Possible to provide change
  • Capacity of up to a 1000 banknotes
  • Deposit receipt via integrated printer

Would you like more information?

Depositing cash safely and correctly has never been easier than with the Cabman Kiosk. Want more information about our smart deposit box? Please contact us!

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