BCT Remote

Accept rides or report false rides and view ride information.
Even if you are not in your taxi.

BCT Remote is the app that gives you mobile insight into all trip information regardless of where you are. In addition, communicating with the taxi dispatch centre and navigating to the next location has never been easier.

Easily accept or report false trips via the Cabman BCT Remote app

Let drivers communicate quickly and efficiently with the taxi dispatch centre, even when they are not in a taxi. This is particularly ideal for demand-driven transport and group transport.

Trip information always at hand

Drivers can view all the trip information while picking up the client. Having to go back to the taxi for details about the pick-up address is therefore history.

Navigate in one click with Google Maps

Tap on the address in the Cabman BCT Remote app and your mobile will switch directly to the Google Maps route planner or other navigation app.

Sending and receiving messages

As in the Cabman BCT, it is also possible to send messages to the taxi dispatch centre via BCT Remote. Messages from the taxi dispatch centre also appear on the app.

Set up BCT Remote?

BCT Remote is available for iOS and Android. The BCT and the mobile phone communicate with each other via 4G. We will be happy to explain the steps you need to follow to ensure correct operation. Would you like more information about the Cabman BCT Remote app? Contact us!

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