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Goodbye 2020, welcome 2021!

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2020 was an eventful year for the passenger transport sector. It is precisely for this reason that we would like to thank our customers for their trust and pleasant cooperation at this special time. We would like to wish you happy holidays and a happy and, above all, healthy 2021. Continue reading


From raw data to relevant insights with Data Studio

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Endless Excel sheets with complicated data belong to the past with Data Studio. Data Studio is an extension of Cabman Data and makes raw data transparent. The program does this by using clear KPI’s.

Data Studio offers a dashboard on which you can see all KPI’s and associated data of your organization. You can view the data of the following KPI’s:

  • Total downtime;
  • The number of loaded rides;
  • Shift overview;
  • Average downtime;
  • Total number of trips;
  • Average KMs per ride;
  • Loaded ride ratio per driver and total (coming soon);
  • Activity distribution;
  • Payment types;
  • Services with invalid break.

See data in perspective

Besides providing you an overview of the collected data, Data Studio also allows you to compare the data. For example, compare the results of this month with those of last month. Or see how your results for this quarter compare to the same quarter last year. The KPI’s then show the percentage and actual difference for an easy and simple overview.

Tailor made reports

Previously you could download reports on Cabman Data in Excel. However, several users told us that it was difficult to select the right columns in Excel. To solve this problem we have made sure that in Data Studio, you can choose which existing columns you want to see and therefore you don’t have to do this yourself anymore in Excel. After that, you can easily filter your own report in Data Studio and download your filtered report in Excel. Do you want to create your own report? Please contact the helpdesk. They will be happy to help you.

Want to give Data Studio a try?

If you have a Cabman Data account, you will have automatic access to Data Studio. You can find Data Studio in the menu on the left. Do you have any questions? Or would you like more information? Please contact our helpdesk via +3113 460 92 86


Taxi van Kronenburg: ”Cabman Centrale works clearly and conveniently”

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The Cabman BCT can be linked to various agenda packages. But did you know that we also have our own package with which you can easily plan trips and send them to the BCT? The package is called Cabman Centrale and Taxi van Kronenburg has been using this software for almost twenty years. Director Martijn van Kronenburg explains why the company has been working with Cabman Centrale for such a long time.

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Taxi company Hilverink saves time with BCT Remote

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Hilverink Couriers and Taxi offers a wide range of transport services, varying from wheelchair taxi to business transport. In their business operations, reliability, quality and affordable transport are the most important principles. In order to take that quality to an even higher level, Hilverink recently started working with the BCT Remote. Continue reading


Working at Euphoria: the work of Erwin, tester and project supporter

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In the section ‘Working at Euphoria’ we will take you on a day with one of our colleagues. This time it’s Erwin Ooms’ turn. Erwin is a tester and project supporter at Euphoria. He has been working at Euphoria for about 2.5 years and will tell you what it is like to work here.

What do you do at Euphoria?

I am a tester and project supporter. This means that I test all the software that the developers make. I check the functionality, verify if the product meets the predefined quality requirements and assess if the customer benefits from the end product. I also make reports, work on Cabman ECO and support the rest of the team where possible. In the near future I will be working more on monitoring the quality. I find that very interesting.

What does the average working day look like?

I usually come in around half past eight. The first thing I do is turn on the music, because that’s what I’m responsible for in my department. Then I check my mail and look at the sprint overview. At half past nine there is a stand-up. This is a short meeting in which everyone tells what they have done and what they are going to do. After that, I start working on what’s on the Scrumbord for that day.

At Euphoria we work with Scrum, how do you like this?

I like the Scrum method very much. The advantage of Scrum is that we work in so-called sprints of two weeks. For those two weeks the planning is clear. This does not give you the situation that you have a long list of things you still have to do. It’s just clear: I have to do this and that’s it for this sprint. I can imagine that if you’ve never worked this way before, you’ll have to get used to it. ‘’

How would you describe the atmosphere within the company?

Cozy! Every day we have lunch together at the table in the kitchen. This allows you to talk to your various colleagues on a regular basis. We do have several lunchshifts because we don’t all fit at the same table. That’s why I choose to pick a different shift every time. This way I can see all my colleagues once in a while. ‘’

Why is it so much fun to work at Euphoria?

The atmosphere is good and that’s very nice. In addition, I do not experience an enormous workload due to the way of working. My work is also very varied and that’s very important to me. I wouldn’t want to do the same thing all day.


This is how long the installation of a BCT takes

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It goes without saying that every Cabman BCT must be installed. In the Nederlands, this is done by Cabman Service & Installation or one of our service partners. But what can you expect from installing the BCT? And how long does this process take? Niels Reintjes works at Cabman Service & Installation and is happy to give you the answers to these questions. Continue reading

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