Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant offers fast and punctual airport transport with Cabman terminal

Home NewsTaxi Korthout Midden-Brabant offers fast and punctual airport transport with Cabman terminal

Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant offers fast and punctual airport transport with Cabman terminal

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Accuracy is key when it comes to getting passengers to the airport. Whether it is the start of a fun family holiday or the start of a business trip, the passenger needs to arrive on time. At Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant, they understand this. For more than a decade, they have been taking passengers to airports in the Netherlands and abroad.

Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant started transporting passengers to airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany a decade ago. Erwin van Asten, director of operations at Taxi Korthout, explains: “We got into airport transport by taking over another company. We had been doing airport transport on the side for years, but after our competitor, Taxi Breeburg, closed down and we took over a lot of their transport, we set up Airport Service Brabant.”

Always on the move

At any moment of the day, a vehicle from Airport Service Brabant is on its way to one of the area’s airports. In order to streamline all this, Taxi Korthout uses Cabman on-board computer. ”We already use the Cabman data terminal for all other types of transport. So it was only logical that Airport Service Brabant should also work with this terminal,” says van Asten.

Information required

”Everything is done via the data terminal,” explains van Asten. ”The driver receives his trip orders via the on-board computer and completes them. The control centre can also add information such as flight times and numbers. This way the driver has all the information he/she needs.”


In addition to receiving trips, all other communication with the head office is done via the Cabman data terminal.” We have a dispatcher in our office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows us to switch quickly. For example, this planner sends the driver updates on the customer’s status. This includes messages such as: The customer has landed, the airport access pass is linked to your number plate and you can continue.”

Location data

The on-board computer is also used to monitor the driver’s location. ”It can happen that a driver overslept or makes a mistake. Through our planning package and the Cabman Data online platform, we can see whether the driver is logged in and on time for a trip. If the driver is late, we can still intervene. ”


Besides using location data to monitor where the vehicle is, this information is also used in case of complaints. ”Of course we always do our best to provide optimal service, but sometimes we get complaints about punctuality, for example. In this case we can also see the location data afterwards, so we can easily check whether a vehicle was actually late or not.”

Not logged in vehicles

Cabman Data is not only used for live tracking. ”We also use the website to view the location of vehicles that are not logged on to the on-board computer. That way we always know where a vehicle is at any time.”


Taxi Korthout also uses various payment solutions via Cabman. ”For example, we work with the linked payment terminal from myPOS. With this payment terminal, people can pay with both credit and debit cards,” says van Asten. ”We also have a Cabman Kiosk. We find that in all our types of transport there is still quite a lot of cash being paid, and the Cabman Kiosk allows the driver to deposit it easily. The deposit box is in our office and it makes it easy to handle the cash.”

Easy to use

One of the biggest advantages of using Cabman products is their ease of use, according to Van Asten. ”The on-board computer in particular is simple to use and that is incredibly important,” he explains. ”We are increasingly working with people with a labour market disadvantage and it is nice for them if it is understandable and easy to use.”