Cabman MDT certified in Abu Dhabi

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Cabman MDT certified in Abu Dhabi

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Cabman MDT is now certified and available in Abu Dhabi. After a long period of development and testing, we have received official approval from Abu Dhabi Mobility to supply our data terminals in this emirate. We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve customers in Abu Dhabi.

We have also supplied equipment to a number of surrounding emirates, including Ajman and Fujairah. More than 3,000 vehicles have now been fitted with a Cabman MDT in the UAE.

Certification process

The certification process to supply the Cabman MDT in Abu Dhabi began last year. The process is coordinated by Abu Dhabi Mobility (AD Mobility). They determine which companies are allowed to provide their services in the areas of dispatching, booking solutions and data terminals.

Taxi licences

In addition to determining which suppliers can provide equipment, AD Mobility is also responsible for distributing taxi licences. To ensure that each vehicle meets the needs of the people of Abu Dhabi, each company must be licensed for each taxi. To qualify, they must meet a number of requirements. One of these requirements is that each vehicle must be equipped with an approved data terminal and one of these data terminals is the Cabman MDT.

Special thanks

We are very happy and proud to deliver our equipment in Abu Dhabi. Special thanks go to Mr Yousuf Abdulla Almadani and Mr Jani Basha from Abu Dhabi Mobility and Mr Ahmad Mohd Hany Lutfi Jabarin and his team from Emirates Transport.  The Cabman development and support team and the Dubai Technologies installation team also worked hard to achieve certification.

More information

Do you have any questions about the Cabman MDT or would you like to know more about our availability in Abu Dhabi? Then get in touch with us via We will be happy to tell you more!