Cabman MDT is now certified in Norway

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Cabman MDT is now certified in Norway

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From 1 May 2024, the Cabman MDT is certified in Norway. After the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and the United Arab Emirates, our latest data terminal with taximeter is now also available in Norway.

As of May 1st,the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) was awarded after an extensive certification process. ‘’We started the preparation for the certification process early of this year with the Norwegian certification body Justervesenet,” says Sven Heijnen, CEO of Euphoria Mobility (Cabman). The fact that we can now officially supply our equipment in Norway is an incredibly great step!’’

Entering a new market

”Entering a new market is always a challenge,” Heijnen explains. ‘’There are often all sorts of things that need to be figured out and addressed. Regulations are different and customer and market requirements differ from country to country. Setting up logistics such that you cannot only sell but also service customers take their time.”

Team effort

“It has been a great team effort, not only by the true professionals at Euphoria but also with the help of wonderful customers and future partners in Norway,” says Peter Ståhlberg who is responsible for the Nordic market.

Why the MDT?

The MDT is unique in that it incorporates both MID-certified taximeters and advanced data terminal functionality. The device is connected to a central unit via datacom and can receive trips, communicate with the central unit, navigate, assist with payment processing, and even act as a car phone,” says Heijnen, ‘It is a total solution with comprehensive reporting capabilities. To date, Cabman has been installed in almost 50,000 vehicles around the world.”

First customer

The entire Cabman team is looking forward to further introducing the Cabman MDT to the Norwegian taxi market. ”The first company, Sentral Oslo Cabs AS, is already installing Cabman MDTs as we speak,’ says Heijnen. ”We are very proud of this. We want to offer Oslo Cabs and the other Norwegian taxi operators a high-quality product at a reasonable price and, of course, with excellent service.”

More information?

Would you like to know more about the Cabman MDT? Then check out our product page for the MDT or contact Peter Ståhlberg by emailing He’ll be happy to help!

Image by wirestock on Freepik