Ride information

Your customers will have control,
your organisation will have more freedom

Our ride information app ensures the administrative side is a lot simpler for both group transporters and their clients. Passengers will no longer have to report mutations to the administrative department of one of either organisations: they can just download an app for their own smartphone or tablet, and after logging in they have access to all personal details and scheduled rides for which they have been authorised.

Easily report absences

Passengers can not only report their absences through an online portal, but also through their smartphone or tablet. The absence is immediately processed and passed on to the transporter.

Receive up-to-date ride information

Your passengers can learn about the transport movements and can check the up-to-date ride status, including the expected arrival time and location of the taxi.


The ride information app is available for iOS and Android. This app can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play Store. You can use your Cabman Online account to log in to our mobile apps.

Managing your passengers

A group manager has insight into the transport movements of various passengers. The group manager also has access to the contact details of the passenger and can easily schedule absences.