Cabman Smart Vehicle

Your company and your drivers smartly en route

Did you know that your vehicles have a wealth of information? From driver behaviour to seat sensors, you can get it all from the vehicle with Cabman Smart Vehicle.

Cabman Smart Vehicle consists of four options. We have listed them for you below. This way, you can make the choice that fits your company best.

Cabman Driving Style Analysis

You may already be familiar with Cabman Driving style analysis, which is now part of Cabman Smart Vehicle. Cabman Driving style analysis for the Cabman BCT or MDT gives you insight into the driving behaviour of your drivers. All data is collected by the BCT or MDT and fed back to an online portal. In addition, the Cabman Driving Style Analysis provides feedback to the driver during and after the shift via the BCT/MDT. The drivers receive report cards based on the national average and information on the following aspects:

  • Braking behaviour;
  • Speed in bends.

You do not need any additional hardware for this module and it can be easily switched on.

Cabman Driving Style Analysis+

Cabman Driving Style Analysis+ works with the help of a CAN-interface. This is a box that is placed in the vehicle. The box can read out more information than our BCT can and therefore offers the possibility to monitor even more signals from your vehicles. With Driving style analysis+ you can read out the following signals, among others:

  • Braking behaviour;
    Speed in bends;
    Fuel consumption.

Cabman Vehicle Data

When you choose for Cabman Vehicle Data, you need to use a CAN-interface. Cabman Vehicle Data offers the possibility to read out a large diversity of signals and link them back to an online dashboard. The following signals, among others, can be read out:

  • State of charge (electric vehicles);
  • Seat sensors;
  • Belt sensors;
  • Distance sensors.

Is the signal you are looking for not listed? Then please contact us. In many cases we can extract even more information from your vehicle.

Would you like more information?

Would you like more information about Cabman Smart Vehicle? Then please contact our sales department. You can reach them at +3113 460 92 83 or We will be happy to tell you more about the various possibilities.

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