Cabman MDT

The Cabman MDT is the all-in-one on-board computer, for among others, the taxi industry. It is a compact solution that fits seamlessly into your daily operations and is also very user-friendly. With the Cabman MDT you can not only easily keep track of work and rest times. The device can also receive trips and report no shows by means of data communication. In addition, the MDT has a taxi meter and drivers can accurately keep track of their activities.

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MID-certified taxi meter

The MDT is equipped with a MID-certified taxi meter and is suitable for various fare systems. The device is also available in two sizes: 5 and 7 inch. Do you prefer a larger screen? Then we recommend the 7 inch. Do you prefer a compact solution? Then the 5 inch will suit you.

An immediate overview of the trip planning.

Cabman MDT contains the same proven trip screen as the Cabman BCT. This gives the driver an immediate overview of the trip planning. Each entry and exit are individually defined. Rides can be added, changed and deleted from the control center. It is also possible to change the order of the journeys.

Indications can be added to each ride. This allows you to see on the Cabman MDT whether the ride must be driven on the taximeter, or if a wheelchair/walker will come along.

The driver can use the on-board computer taxi to report a no show. This can easily be done via the rides screen in the MDT. If you have a data communication subscription, this message will be communicated directly to the taxi dispatch center.

The MDT offers the possibility to send and receive messages. The driver can send a predefined message or enter a text himself.

Integrated phone module

You can configure this module in different ways. For example, you can set that drivers can only receive calls, or that they can only call certain numbers from the address book. You can also release the phone completely.

Easy to connect to a printer

The Cabman MDT can be connected to a printer, including magnetic card reader. You can therefore start and stop regional trips by inserting a customer card.

Secured payments

Link your MDT to a myPOS payment terminal and your customers can pay safely and easily with all debit and credit cards. Every payment is linked back to the MDT and is therefore guaranteed safe!

Navigate to any destination

The MDT also offers a navigation module. With this module you can easily navigate via the MDT to the right address.

Access to Cabman Data

Cabman Data is our online platform that gives you insight into all the data of your vehicles and drivers. Cabman Data provides an overview of all vehicles, drivers, service information, transactions and various reports.

Technical overview

Do you want to know more about the technical details of the MDT? Then take a look at the technical overview below. This way you will know exactly what our MDT is capable of.

Driver behaviour

Getting insight into driver and vehicle behaviour is one of the many options the Cabman MDT offers. From driving style analysis to precise signals from the vehicle, you can see it through the MDT.

Who is it for?

The Cabman MDT is very versatile and therefore suitable for various types of transport. Would you like to know exactly what types of transport they are? Then read on via the button below!


Our taximeter is much more than just a taximeter. From integrated navigation to GPS base surgages. Want to know what else the MDT can do? Then press the button below and read more about it.

Fleet managment

Managing your fleet is one of the most important facets of the passenger transport business. That is why we at Cabman offer various possibilities to do this in the most easy way possible. Check out the options below!

Easy to use

When you are looking for data terminals, you want equipment that is easy to use and has low maintenance costs. We understand this at Cabman, which is why we are happy to explain why our equipment suits your needs.


When you buy data terminals, it is important that they prevent fraud. At Cabman, we do everything we can to ensure this. Want to know how we do it? Then click on the button below and read all about it.


From GPS tracking to ODO pluses, the MDT tracks it all. Everything to ensure that your data is as reliable and useful as possible. Click on the button below and find out what tracking possibilities we offer.

Interface connections

The MDT can connect to a lot of different devices, planning software and parts of the car. That way you always have the data you want. Use the button below to find all possible connections.

More information?

Want to know more about the Cabman MDT? Please contact us via or call +3113 460 92 83. We will gladly assist you and tell you exactly what our MDT can offer your company.

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BCT Remote

Cabman BCT Remote is the app that gives you mobile insight into all trip information regardless of where you are. Accepting and reporting trips is easy from a distance via the app.

Cabman driving behavior analysis

The comprehensive driving style analysis that allows you to monitor drivers’ driving behavior.

Mobile payment terminal

Customers can use the myPOS mobile payment terminal to pay with all debit and credit cards. Every payment is guaranteed safe. Link the myPOS to your Cabman MDT. In this way, the payment is directly linked back to the MDT.