The MDT contains an integrated taximeter that complies with both the MID and OIML guidelines. Read more about what our taximeter can offer you on this page.

Dynamic Tariff structures

The MDT is suitable for various tariff structures. A good example of a complex tariff structure for which the MDT is suitable is the Dutch double tariff system.

Printer of Digital receipts

A linked printer makes it possible to print a receipt with all the necessary details of a journey on it. It is also possible to send the customer digital proof of payment. The customer provides his or her e-mail address for this purpose and an overview is then sent to the desired e-mail address.

Integrated Navigation

The MDT 7inch model has an integrated navigation module. The module displays maps from Sygic. These maps are very accurate and clear to use. The integrated module makes the separate navigation terminal or navigating via an unclear app on a smartphone history.

GPS-based surcharges

It is possible with MDT to add a certain surcharge based on a GPS location. We have used this in Ajman, for example. In this emirate, you get surcharges when you pass certain toll gates. In this way, these special surcharges are always applied correctly.

Text-to-speech announce fare

With this option, it is possible to have the fare pronounced by the MDT, so that visually impaired travellers still get direct feedback on the fare. In this way, no confusion can arise for these travellers.

Welcome/Goodbye audio playback

In the MDT, it is possible to play an audio message to welcome or say goodbye to your customers. A message is programmed into the MDT in advance and when, for example, a journey is started, the audio message is immediately played. This is also possible at the end of the journey.

OIML Certifcate

The MDT is OIML-certified. The OIML certificate is a worldwide recognition of taxi equipment. This certificate is therefore mandatory in many countries when you want to use taxi measuring equipment.