Who is it for?

The Cabman MDT is very versatile and therefore suitable for various types of transport. During the development of the equipment, we look closely at the existing types of transport to ensure that the possibilities it offers meet your needs as closely as possible. We have listed the most important types of transport.

Contract Transport

Cabman has a great deal of experience in making equipment for companies specialising in contract transport. Our equipment is developed in such a way that it is possible to drive all common types of transport. Contract terms can be linked to services or to individual passengers. Settlement on volume, numbers, kilometres or time in an absolute sense or proportionally, are all available.

School transport

Cabman MDT is very suitable for school transport. Our equipment has been used for years in various countries to transport children to and from school. It is also possible to let the children sign in by means of an NFC tag. This can be done in the form of a card, but also with a special bracelet that the child cannot easily lose.

Airport Transport

Cabman equipment is widely used for transportation at airports. Our equipment is used at airports in Switzerland, Finland, Oman and the Netherlands. Because of this extensive experience, we know exactly what a driver needs and our equipment fits in seamlessly.