Low maintenance and easy to use

When you are looking for good data terminals, you want equipment that is easy to use and has low maintenance costs. We understand this at Cabman, which is why we are happy to explain why our equipment suits your needs.

Regulating the driver’s workflow

In addition to providing comprehensive manuals for drivers, the MDT is also set up so that the driver always goes through a regulated flow. This leaves less room for errors or fraud. The driver is really taken through the process step by step and can hardly, if at all, deviate from it.

OTA Tariffs

In order to make setting up the MDT as easy as possible, we can program the rates into the MDT remotely. In this way, you can be sure that the rates in the MDT are correct and the driver or mechanic has no work to do.

Crystal Clear installation guides

To ensure that installers can install the MDT as quickly and easily as possible, we provide them with detailed and clear installation manuals. These manuals guide them through the process step by step and ensure that the MDT is installed correctly.

Driver manuals

In addition to providing installers with a lot of information, we also have several manuals for drivers. In these manuals, the use of the MDT is explained step by step. Every function and every button is explained in a simple and understandable way. Once the driver has read the entire manual, he or she can start using the MDT independently.

OTA configuration

We can also install the various configurations on an MDT over-the-air. In this way, the operator or driver does not have to do anything manually and it is set up correctly remotely.


At Cabman, we keep innovating ourselves and our devices. That is why we offer new software versions that can be easily pushed to your MDT over-the-air. This ensures that your MDT always has the most complete set of features.