Driver behaviour

Getting insight into driver and vehicle behaviour is one of the many options the Cabman MDT offers. The benefits of having an insight into driver behaviour are very valuable for several reasons. For instance, you can use the information to improve driving behaviour and therefore the quality and safety of your services. You can also use the data to prevent damage and thereby avoid high costs. Or you can choose to use vehicle data to minimise costs related to vehicle maintenance.

Drive Analysis

The Cabman Driving Behavior Analysis gives you insight into the driving behaviour of your drivers. All data is collected by the MDT and fed back to an online portal. In addition, during and after the shift, the Cabman Driving Behavior Analysis feeds back scores via the MDT to the driver. The drivers receive grades based on the national average and information on the following aspects: braking behaviour, speed in corners and fuel consumption.

Vehicle signals

By means of the Cabman vehicle data module, you can extract various signals from the vehicle. This works through a CAN interface. The module offers the possibility to read out a large diversity of signals and feed them back to an online dashboard. You can measure various signals, such as:

  • Stage of charge (for electric vehicles);
  • Seat sensors;
  • Seat belt sensors;
  • Distance sensors.

Is the signal you are looking for not listed? Then please contact us. In many cases we can extract even more information from your vehicle.

Metadata vehicle

Besides being able to extract signals from the vehicle by means of a CAN interface, we also offer the possibility to extract the metadata from the vehicle and feed it back into our online platform. This allows you to gain more insight into all the movements that take place within your fleet. Would you like to know more about the various possibilities? Then take a look at the Cabman Smart Vehicle page.