Fleet Management

Fleet management is an important part of running a passenger transport company, but it is also important for many other companies. That’s why at Cabman we offer a range of solutions to help you keep your fleet management under control at all times.

Track and Trace portal

When you purchase a Cabman Data subscription, you get direct access to Cabman Data. This is Cabman’s online platform that brings together all the data from the MDT. For example, it functions as a Track and Trace portal. You can view all active vehicles in real time on the live overview. This way, you always know where a vehicle is located. Would you like to know more about Cabman Data? Check out our product page.

Diagnostics info like SIMcard NO

You can also view diagnostic information via Cabman Data. This includes the presence of a SIM card, linked pinterminal or certain configuration. This way, you always have insight into the vehicle’s information.

Data is pushed in low latency

Cabman Data makes it possible to send a large volume of data messages with a minimum delay. This gives you real-time access to the data from the MDT in Cabman Data and makes the connection more stable.