The MDT includes GPS tracking so that you always know where the vehicle is located. The GPS location can be viewed in Cabman Data, for example, and can also be communicated to the planning software via data communication.


The MDT has an integrated CAN interface. This allows various data to be read out from the vehicle. These include data relating to a driver’s driving style, as well as seatbelt and seatbelt sensors. The various possibilities can be found in our Cabman Smart Vehicle series.

Pulses Odo

In addition to the GPS, the MDT can also read out the odometer with the integrated CAN interface. This gives you insight into the dashboard mileage of the vehicle.

Statistics every minute

To increase its reliability, the MDT sends various statistics back to the planning software every minute. This way you always have the most accurate information and you know for sure that the data you receive is reliable.

Taximeterevents pushed tot backend

The MDT communicates all activities that a driver performs on the device to the backend. This gives you insight into which activities are taking place, how the taximeter is being used and which payment method is being chosen.