Interface connections

The MDT can connect to a lot of different devices, planning software and parts of the car. Therefore we have listed all interface connections for you.


With the MDT, it is possible to read out the seat sensors. This way, you know when someone has been sitting on the passenger seat and unrecorded journeys can be detected immediately. This information can be fed back to the planning software.

Payment terminal

The MDT can be linked to, among others, the myPOS payment terminals. The myPOS payment terminals offer the customer the possibility to pay with all debit and credit cards. Each payment is guaranteed to be secure and is directly linked back to the MDT and the planning software.


It is also possible to connect the MDT to a printer. With our thermal printer with card reader, you can not only print payment and travel tickets, but also read cards with a magnetic strip.


The MDT measures the starting of the vehicle. This allows all movements made by the vehicle to be monitored, regardless of whether the driver is logged on or not.


The MDT can also read the odometer of the vehicle. This gives you insight into the dashboard mileage.

Fuel consumption, State of Charge, Electric range

In addition, the MDT offers the possibility of reading data relating to fuel consumption, state of charge and electric range. This can then be fed back to the planning software. With electric vehicles, this is very convenient because it gives you precise insight into the kilometres that a vehicle can still drive. Subsequently, the availability of the vehicle can be adjusted accordingly. These functionalities are all part of the Cabman Smart Vehicle series. Would you like to know more about them? Then take a look at our product page.

Connection to local ERP system

Through our years of experience, we have built many connections with various ERP systems. We have built connections with WinTax, TaxiID and our own planning software Cabman Centrale. Besides the existing connections, we can also connect to local ERP systems. We have done this for example for our customer in Ajman. This way, you can continue to work with the system you are used to and the MDT connects seamlessly to it.


It is also possible to connect the MDT with roof lights of various brands. This makes it easy to indicate whether the vehicle is available by means of the roof light. This works fully automatically. When you start a journey on the MDT, the roof light switches off automatically.

Voucher via swipecard

It is possible to read out vouchers via swipecard with the MDT. You scan the card by means of NFC or you swipe the card through the printer of the MDT and the voucher is settled immediately. The principle works simply and quickly and is used by many customers in various countries.