Cabman products provide key data to Swiss taxi company yourmile

Home NewsCabman products provide key data to Swiss taxi company yourmile

Cabman products provide key data to Swiss taxi company yourmile

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Did you know that our Cabman products are also available in Switzerland? The Swiss taxi company yourmile, also known as 7×7 Taxi, has over 20 years’ experience in the passenger transport industry and has almost a hundred vehicles, all equipped with Cabman on-board computers. Stefano Robbiani is COO at yourmile and is happy to tell you more about the company and how they work with our products.

The collaboration between Cabman and yourmile came about in 2018. ”It’s been a long time, but I think we first came across Cabman’s products through the internet,” Robbiani explains. ”We were looking for an alternative to the Hale taxi meters, and the Cabman BCT seemed like a good solution at the time.”

From BCT to MDT

The Swiss company initially chose the Cabman BCT, but as soon as the Cabman MDT became available, they switched to the newer version. ”The Cabman MDT has a nice, modern screen. We also use the integrated taximeter a lot,” says Robbiani. ”But more importantly, the MDT allows us to receive a lot of data. We view this data through the online platform Cabman Data and use the information about our drivers’ working hours, for example, to pay the right salaries.”

The kiosk

In addition to the MDT, yourmile also uses the Cabman Kiosk. ‘’At yourmile we specialise in taxi and minibus transport. As a result, our drivers usually carry cash. The Kiosk is a great solution for this. Our drivers deposit their cash via the kiosk and then we see all the data via Cabman Data. It works extremely well and efficiently.’’ For customers who prefer to pay by credit or debit card, yourmile works with myPOS payment terminals.

Efficient support desk

yourmile has been using Cabman on-board computers for more than five years to their satisfaction. ‘’The helpdesk support is extremely good and efficient,” says Robbiani. ‘’If there’s one thing we could improve on Cabman’s products, it’s that they could work even better with our current dispatch software.’’