Cabman BCT

Your drivers want simplicity and user-friendliness. We offer more with the Cabman BCT.

The paper trip administration is consigned to the past. The goals of the Cabman BCT: reducing fraud and unfair competition, less papers and less surveillance. Our goals when developing the Cabman BCT: complying with the guidelines, but mainly offering a compact solution that seamlessly suits your daily operational management. Of course with a user-friendly control and a beautiful design. Thanks to the countless standard features, the Cabman BCT is suitable for group transport and independent drivers.

Cabman BCT: the clear full-screen taximeter

The Cabman BCT is equipped with a MID-certified taximeter for multiple fare systems.

Sending and receiving trip orders

Maximum control for your centre staff and your drivers on the road with a good peace of mind.

The Cabman BCT contains a special trip window with an overview of all orders and breaks. Every time someone steps in or out is defined. The taxi dispatch centre can determine the trip sequence. The taxi dispatch centre can also add, edit or remove trips. It is also possible to change the order of the rides.  Note: this is only possible when you have a data communication subscription.

Do you use Cabman Data? Then it is possible to use Track and Trace to see all active vehicles on a live overview. In addition, you can easily view all trip information online.


Indications can be added to each ride. This allows you to see on the Cabman BCT whether the ride has to be driven on the taximeter, or if a wheelchair/walker will come along.

Report a false ride

The driver can use the on-board computer taxi to report a false ride. This can easily be done via the rides screen in the BCT. If you have a data communication subscription, this message will be communicated directly to the taxi dispatch centre.

Sending and receiving messages

A BCT with data communication subscription offers the possibility to send and receive messages. The driver can send a predefined message or enter a text himself.

Secured payments

You can connect the BCT to a mobile payment terminal of, for example, myPOS. In this way, customers can pay with all debit and credit cards. Every payment is guaranteed secured. The payment is validated and after that the ATM sends a confirmation to the BCT. After completing the journey, all data is fed back to the ATM.

Integrated phone module

The communication module works as an integrated phone. You can configure it in a way that drivers can only call certain phone numbers, or that the driver can only receive calls. Of course it is also possible to activate the entire phone.

The standard screen shows a number of speed dials, such as your company’s phone number, emergency number, etc. You can find the pre-defined phone numbers when you press the ‘Contacts’ button. You can also enter a phone number with the keypad. In case of an incoming call, the buttons to pick up and hang up the phone will be displayed. The name of the caller is also displayed if the caller is one of your contacts. The taxi dispatch centre can also set the terminal in a way that the call is automatically accepted. The driver can place a call-back request with only one press on the button. The centre staff can then call back as soon as the driver is available again.

Easy to connect to a printer

The Cabman BCT can be connected to a printer, including magnetic card reader. You can therefore start and stop regional trips by inserting a customer card.

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