Software & Service subscription

You automatically enter into the Software & Service subscription when you use data communication. You can do so with the Cabman BCT and the Cabman Kiosk.

Please find a summary of the contents of this subscription below, with a short explanation so you know what to expect. This way, you are assured that you use a balanced programme when you want to communicate with Cabman equipment.

1. Use of our data communication server

All vehicle equipment is connected to our data communiction server in Amsterdam. The entire IT infrastructure that Cabman makes available to all our customers is included

2. Cabman Fleet Management logon

Cabman Fleet Management enables you to follow your vehicles online on Google Maps and offers you the possibility to request the history of the processed trips (still in bèta).

3. Availability of our helpdesk

Our helpdesk is there for your support! Please click here for more information about our helpdesk.

4. Availability of our repair service

In case you experience a network problem with a terminal or BCT, you can call a mobile phone number 24/7. The repair service will check the problem and solve it as soon as it can. The repair service is only available to customers that use data communication

5. Connection with Cabman Online

The connection from your Board Computer Taxi to Cabman Online is made free of charge, connections to other packets are possible but not included in this subscription.

6. Repairs within the guarantee term with normal use

Cabman products are covered by an expanded guarantee. In case of normal use, all products are repaired free of charge within one year after purchase. With abnormal use, we consider dropping equipment or controlling equipment with unauthorized materials. Cabman preserves its right to determine whether or not use is “normal use” when the earlier description does not apply to the specific case.

7. Monitoring GPRS / RAM network statuses

Cabman checks the network connections of its vehicle equipment from a distance.