Improve your service with Cabman's driving behavior analysis

With Cabman driving behavior analysis for the Cabman BCT, you get an extensive insight into the driving behavior of your drivers. All data is collected by the BCT and fed back to an online portal. In addition, the Cabman driving behavior analysis provides feedback to the driver via the BCT during and after the shift.

Insight into the driving behavior of drivers

The driver is tested on several points such as hard braking and speed in bends. A scoring system is linked to these points. This system gives the drivers scores for the various components.

Determining the scores

At the end of the shift, the BCT shows all scores from that shift. In addition, during the service the driver receives reports via the BCT that make him or her aware of his or her driving style. The report figures are determined based on the national average. These averages are continuously adjusted and provide a picture of how your drivers drive compared to the national average.


Via the online platform entrepreneurs can view the figures of the drivers. You can view both the averages and the figures per service. This gives you a good idea of the driving style and fuel consumption of the drivers employed. It is also possible to compare the drivers with each other by means of the scoreboard.

The ideal extension for the BCT

The driving behavior analysis module is easy to activate and fully integrated into the Cabman BCT when the Cabman BCT is equipped with a GPRS modem.

Would you like more information?

Do you want to improve the driving behavior of your drivers and with that the service? Then opt for the Cabman driving behavior analysis. For more information, please contact us via or +3113 460 9280.

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