Cabman Data Center

Complex data in a simple online platform

Cabman Data Center is mainly developed to unite the daily information flows that transport companies cause. This information has to be interpreted by different roles in order to be profitable, but it is also crucial to comply with the requirements third parties set.

Online dashboard where all your company data comes together

Cabman Data Center offers both small and big taxi entrepreneurs a way to control their daily information flows.

This online dashboard could also be the start of more control and growth for your company. This free basic variant offers important basic features that you can expand if desired. We also offer supplementary modules and mobile apps that you can use to grow a bigger clientele and make your work easier.

Group transport

The ideal expansion for group transporters, irrespective of what you require. Maybe you need attendance registration, complaints registration or transport movements. You can be rest assured that the group transport module offers all you need.

The group transport module contains an expanded attendance and complaints registration feature that both you and the passenger can use. You can also check all transport movements and it is easy to export all information. It is also possible to further expand this module with the Cabman Mobile Trip Information app. The passenger can use this app to report him or herself ill or it can be used on the smartphone to plan absence.

Fleet management

Check the complete trip history per driver or per vehicle, including statistics with regard to timely departures or arrivals. You have a live overview of your vehicles with the full-screen map display.


The reservations module offers countless possibilities in Cabman Data Center itself, but also outside Cabman Data Center.

One of the options is the external reservations form. You can place this form on your website so your customers can easily book trips. You can then find these reservations in concise overviews in Cabman Data Center.

It is possible to further expand this module with the Cabman Mobile Reservations app. This app can be used to reserve a taxi to go to a hotel, hospital, etc. Your customer books a trip with a smartphone or tablet, after which you can see the reservation in Cabman Data Center.