Complete your taxi with a Barclay toplight

The Barclay toplights have a unique look, quality and price. All Barclay roplights are tested to the Infrastructure of Infrastructure of Transport’s regulations and are equipped with a TÜV certificate to certify that it complies with all technical and safety standards. The rooflights offer the possibility to display permanent advertizements for the company. You can choose from different sizes, colours, models and you can even place your own text or logo on the rooflights.

Barclay Toplight

The aerodynamic shape of the Toplight perfectly suits the aerodynamics of the car design. The car and Toplight look like they are one. It guarantees less air resistance and therefore leads to fuel consumption savings of 10% in comparison with other toplights and minimizes noise.

Barclay In-Between

Besides the Baby Barclay and the Barclay Toplight, a medium-sized Toplight is also offered, which is called the Barclay In-Between. Because the specific Toplight requires certain vehicle-specific adjustments and the Baby Barclay is too small in some cases, Barclay introduces a new size with the in-Between. Available in two variants, this toplight can be used for the entire car brand market.

Baby Barclay

The Baby Barclay is far from inferior to its ‘big brother’. Because of the nature of the assembly, this Toplight also suits the car top as a glove and is therefore ‘one with the car’. Because the Baby Barclay is the same colour as the car, the success is even bigger.

Barclay Nano

With its size of 40 x 15 cm, the Nano is a small, refined and elegant toplight and equipped with LED lights. It has a unique look, quality and price. And just like the other Barclay toplights, it is tested to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport’s regulations and equipped with a TÜV certificate to certify that it complies with the technical and safety standards. This toplight is also approved by TX-Keur, the Dutch certification company for high-quality taxis.

Expanded advertizement possibilities

Besides the standard variants with numerous standard taxi displays, the taxi and driving school industry often uses the expanded and lighted advertizement possibilities. The most exclusive and unique variants of the toplight are created in consultation with the customer, in the same colour as the car and equipped with logos, company names, city arms, etc.

Bright Lite

The top of the Bright Lite Toplight can be changed in an instant. The base plate is always attached to the car top, including the lighting and magnets, while the toplight itself can be changed in several seconds, so a Click & Go system. When different types of transport are executed with the same vehicle, you can use one base plate and 2 to 3 different toplights. The Bright Lite Toplight gives your company the flexibility to distinguish itself from others!


Would you like to have a personal toplight with your very own colour and logo?
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