Taxi van Kronenburg: ”Cabman Centrale works clearly and conveniently”

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Taxi van Kronenburg: ”Cabman Centrale works clearly and conveniently”

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The Cabman BCT can be linked to various agenda packages. But did you know that we also have our own package with which you can easily plan trips and send them to the BCT? The package is called Cabman Centrale and Taxi van Kronenburg has been using this software for almost twenty years. Director Martijn van Kronenburg explains why the company has been working with Cabman Centrale for such a long time.

‘’We at Taxi van Kronenburg have been loyal users of Cabman Centrale for many years. The system works clearly and conveniently when you work with Windows,” Van Kronenburg explains. ‘’Once you use Cabman Centrale, it works very well, and we don’t want it to be any different.’’

No external modules

One of the advantages of Cabman Centrale, according to Van Kronenburg, is that you no longer need any additional external modules. ‘’From fleet management to timetables and customer relations management, it’s all possible via the same system,” he says. ‘’Everything is included in the package and we don’t need any other parties, which is very pleasant.’’

Search filters and trip diary

At Taxi van Kronenburg they are also enthusiastic about the special agenda. ‘’The agenda is very important to our company. It is the basis of our daily operations”. They also make a lot of use of the search filters. ‘’By means of the various filters, planners can quickly and clearly plan most of the regular rides. In addition, we work with multiple screens so that the planners can place the processed trips next to the trips still to be driven.’’

Easy invoicing

Invoicing with Cabman Centrale is also very convenient, according to Van Kronenburg. ‘’Once you have received all the trip details and the debtor details and associated e-mail addresses have been entered in the customer relations section, you can very quickly and easily e-mail an invoice to the right person.’’

Connections with other packages

Cabman Centrale also offers various connections to other software packages. ‘’This is very useful. We have many rides that we send to colleagues or receive from them. We now get these rides quickly and easily via the Cabman Connect link from Cabman Centrale”. In addition to the fact that it is possible to link with other agenda packages, users can also, for example, link an accounting package with Cabman Centrale. ‘’We have opted for this link because it means that the invoices sent are processed directly in the accounting package.’’


When asked whether he would recommend the package to other entrepreneurs, he does not have to think long. ”Yes, certainly, without a doubt. We now have a great deal of knowledge of the software and have made it our own,” Van Kronenburg explains. We use the program very dynamically. For example, we’ve come up with a way to plan rides with the right addresses for children with divorced parents. These children, for example, must be picked up from a different address every week. We have found a way in Centrale to ensure that these addresses are always and automatically correct”.

PC equipment

Besides discovering a lot of tricks within the software, Taxi van Kronenburg also works with a specific PC set-up. ‘’We work with PCs with three screens with which we can see everything. On the first screen, the trip box is open, the second screen contains the agenda and the third screen allows us to continue working. Think, for example, of the processing of incoming mail. This gives the planners a sort of large cockpit from which they have an optimal overview. ‘’

Own layout

Every planner at Taxi van Kronenburg has that specific PC layout, but they do not have the same Cabman layout. ‘’Within Centrale, everyone can adjust the columns, search filters and input fields themselves. These can then be saved in the program and the layout is automatically saved with the user profile. When you, as a planner, sit at a different workstation, all the settings are automatically loaded. It is also possible to exchange settings between users”.