Cabman launches service for driver reviews

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Cabman launches service for driver reviews

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In order to prove the quality of transport in tenders, insight into the service provided by drivers is required. Transport companies want to be able to obtain this information easily and at any time. Cabman responds to this need with a service in which passengers can rate trips via a QR code.

Cabman Driver Ratings was created to let passengers easily rate transport services, without the need for additional hardware. “As a carrier you only need to place a sticker with a QR code in the taxi. The customer can scan this with their mobile phone, after which the question comes up how many stars they give the service”, explains Cabman. Each customer can do this once per trip.

Filing a complaint is seen by some customers as a big step, says the company. With this service, Cabman wants to make the process of rating more accessible by asking only one question and anonymously via the customer’s own telephone.

Feedback at a desired moment

The answers are fed back per vehicle to the Data Studio, which shows which driver did which journey. The supervisor can then give feedback on the results to the drivers at any time. “It may turn out that a driver has been negatively assessed several times. This can then be discussed with him or her and, if necessary, ways of improving matters can be considered.”

Successful pilot

Brookhuis Passenger Transport has been working with Cabman for a few years now. They make use of on-board computers, Data Studio and payment services such as cash machines, among other things. To monitor the quality of their services, the transport company started a pilot with Cabman to test the new service.

The transport company started by placing the QR code in five vehicles. The service turned out to work well in practice, so other taxi companies can also use the service. Because Brookhuis is also satisfied, it has decided to expand to more vehicles. “You want to offer the customer as complete and good a product or service as possible. Cabman is a company that thinks along with you and always comes up with good solutions”, says Danny Berendsen, IT Consultant at the Brookhuis Group.