From raw data to relevant insights with Data Studio

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From raw data to relevant insights with Data Studio

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Endless Excel sheets with complicated data belong to the past with Data Studio. Data Studio is an extension of Cabman Data and makes raw data transparent. The program does this by using clear KPI’s.

Data Studio offers a dashboard on which you can see all KPI’s and associated data of your organization. You can view the data of the following KPI’s:

  • Total downtime;
  • The number of loaded rides;
  • Shift overview;
  • Average downtime;
  • Total number of trips;
  • Average KMs per ride;
  • Loaded ride ratio per driver and total (coming soon);
  • Activity distribution;
  • Payment types;
  • Services with invalid break.

See data in perspective

Besides providing you an overview of the collected data, Data Studio also allows you to compare the data. For example, compare the results of this month with those of last month. Or see how your results for this quarter compare to the same quarter last year. The KPI’s then show the percentage and actual difference for an easy and simple overview.

Tailor made reports

Previously you could download reports on Cabman Data in Excel. However, several users told us that it was difficult to select the right columns in Excel. To solve this problem we have made sure that in Data Studio, you can choose which existing columns you want to see and therefore you don’t have to do this yourself anymore in Excel. After that, you can easily filter your own report in Data Studio and download your filtered report in Excel. Do you want to create your own report? Please contact the helpdesk. They will be happy to help you.

Want to give Data Studio a try?

If you have a Cabman Data account, you will have automatic access to Data Studio. You can find Data Studio in the menu on the left. Do you have any questions? Or would you like more information? Please contact our helpdesk via +3113 460 92 86