Taxi company Geers: ‘The Cabman Kiosk offers us a watertight system for depositing cash’

Home NewsTaxi company Geers: ‘The Cabman Kiosk offers us a watertight system for depositing cash’

Taxi company Geers: ‘The Cabman Kiosk offers us a watertight system for depositing cash’

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At Cabman, we have been offering the Cabman Kiosk for some time now. The Cabman Kiosk is a smart deposit safe that makes withdrawing cash a lot easier. This is also the opinion of Raymon Vervoort, director of Taxi Company Geers: ‘’We have been using the Kiosk since March last year and are very satisfied with it.’’

The reason for purchasing the Cabman Kiosk was the fact that Geers still used written trip logs. ‘’We have been using the Cabman BCT for some time now, and writing trip reports should therefore be unnecessary. However, we still kept them to ensure that the cash administration was correct. I also had to keep a manual cash book and all that takes a lot of time,” Vervoort explains.


To be able to say goodbye to the trip reports once and for all, he started looking for a solution. ‘’We looked into what the safe costs, what it could offer us and where we could best buy such a deposit safe. That’s how we came up with the Cabman Kiosk,” says Vervoort.

Fast placement

After ordering the Kiosk, the installation of the smart deposit safe went very smoothly. Someone from Cabman came and installed everything in one morning. However, it is advisable to prepare the installation well in advance. So we contacted the supplier of our agenda package and Euphoria (Cabman) in advance to make sure everything went smoothly digitally as well.

Take care of

Taxi company Geers has been using the safe for about a year now and Vervoort is very pleased with the convenience it offers. ‘’We are really unburdened, and I find that the biggest plus. It works so efficiently and is particularly transparent for the driver. In the past, discussions could sometimes arise about depositing the money. Sometimes the amount the driver was supposed to deposit did not correspond to what was actually deposited. There would be discussions about the fact that the driver said that everything had been in the money bag and that we really had not received that money. That really is a thing of the past with the Kiosk”.


When Vervoort is asked whether he would recommend the Cabman Kiosk to other entrepreneurs, he doesn’t need to think long. ‘’Absolutely, provided that the fleet consists of a certain number of vehicles. We have about 38 vehicles and it works perfectly. I empty the cupboard once a month and then, in combination with a print-out from my dispatch software, I can see exactly whether the deposited amount is correct. The system is simply watertight”.