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Taxi company Hilverink saves time with BCT Remote

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Hilverink Couriers and Taxi offers a wide range of transport services, varying from wheelchair taxi to business transport. In their business operations, reliability, quality and affordable transport are the most important principles. In order to take that quality to an even higher level, Hilverink recently started working with the BCT Remote.

Hilverink Couriers and Taxi was founded in 1983 by Ab Hilverink, then taken over by George Hilverink in 1995 and Jolanda Oosterman joined the company in 2004. In the same year, the company also started its taxi services. Before that time, the company was mainly engaged in courier work.

From wheelchair taxi to touring car

The company has 26 vehicles that vary from wheelchair buses to taxis. In addition, they are active in the touring car sector with five coaches. With all these vehicles and 53 employees they drive for a variety of clients including Valys and several business clients.

In order to provide the various clients with the best possible service, Hilverink is always looking for ways to further improve the quality of transport. Therefore, the company recently started working with the BCT Remote, an app from Cabman that provides drivers with the most up-to-date ride information. Even when they are not in the car. Jeffrey Hilverink speaks of a supplement for the organization.

Quick navigation

“We can send rides with the app and drivers can accept them even if they are not in the car at that time,” Hilverink explains. “This is for example very easy when a driver is standing at Schiphol Airport. He can then quickly access the latest trip information via his smartphone. Think, for example, of the flight numbers”. It is also possible to report false rides via the app.

In addition to receiving, accepting and reporting empty trips, the app also offers the possibility to navigate quickly. “When you click on an address, the app opens Google Maps with the address in question,” says Hilverink. “Because a large proportion of our vehicles have Apple Car Play, drivers can also display the Google Maps navigation on the large screen in the vehicle. No addresses need to be typed and this saves a lot of time”.

Time savings

This time saving manifests itself in many more aspects and is, according to Hilverink, a major advantage of the app. “This time saving is not only on the driver’s side, but also at the control center. We can shift gears much more easily and keep the driver better informed via the app”. Via BCT Remote it is possible to send messages to and from the control center. It also shows whether the driver has read the message.

The drivers of Hilverink Taxi were not immediately enthusiastic about the app, but that has changed in the meantime. “They were a bit skeptical in the beginning, but since they actually work with it, they are very positive and see the benefits. We definitely recommend it to every entrepreneur in the taxi industry.”