Cabman Software & Service subscription

You automatically enter into the Software & Service subscription when you use data communication. This applies to the Cabman BCT and the Cabman Kiosk.

Please find a summary of the contents of this subscription below, with a short explanation so you know what to expect. With the Software & Service subscription you will receive a total package and you can get the most out of your Cabman products.

What does the S&S subscription offer?

The Cabman Software & Service subscription ensures that your product is always up to date. The subscription excludes configuration, pricing updates, over-the-air updates and out-of-warranty repairs.

Use of our data communication server

All vehicle equipment is connected to our data communication server in Amsterdam. This includes the entire IT infrastructure that we provide to all our customers with a Cabman Software & Service subscription.

Cabman Data

When you use a Service & Software subscription you will get access to Cabman Data. This program offers you, among other things, the possibility to follow your vehicles online on a live overview. In addition, it offers the possibility to retrieve the history of the driven rides and to view various reports and overviews.

Our emergency service

If you experience a network failure at a terminal or BCT, you can call a special mobile number. This number can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will immediately look into the problem and, if possible, fix it immediately. The malfunction service is only available to customers who use data communication and have a Cabman Software & Service subscription.