What laws apply to taxis and taxi operators in Ireland?

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What laws apply to taxis and taxi operators in Ireland?

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The Irish market for taxis is quite large and is a regulated market. But which exact legislation is in place? And what developments are taking place within this taxi market?

Taxis in Ireland fall within the category of ‘small public service vehicles’, known in Ireland as SPSVs. In Ireland, the taxi sector is regulated. The body responsible for issuing licences, with accompanying controls, is the National Transport Authority (NTA). Without a licence from the NTA, it is not possible to operate as a taxi. Not only taxis must have an official licence, but drivers of platforms such as Uber and Bolt must also have such a licence. The same requirements apply to the vehicles as well.

Maximum prices

Besides issuing licenses, the NTA also sets maximum prices for rides. There can be a price per kilometre or a price per minute. The prices can differ per region. For example, prices in Dublin may be higher than in rural areas. In addition, special rates apply in the evening and night, and on public holidays.

MID-certified taximeter

As described, the Irish taxi industry is regulated. Currently, 26,373 licences have been issued. Taxis in Ireland are required to have a taximeter and printer. The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) approves the taximeters. Any taximeter can be used, provided it is approved. During this inspection, the taximeters are also MID-certified. Our Cabman BCT and MDT fit in very well because we are fully MID-certified and meet all the requirements for the taximeter in Ireland.

Track and Trace

Our telematics products are also equipped with a printer, which is required by law. We also offer Track and Trace capability and the ability to view vehicle data via an online platform.

No apps

Taxis are affordable in Ireland and especially in cities there are many driving around. As a result, the Irish make little use of platforms like Uber and Bolt. Another factor is that Uber and Bolt have to meet the same requirements as a taxi. Apps are widely used in Ireland to book a taxi. Many taxis in Ireland are connected to this app. An example of such an app is FreeNow.

Sizeable market

What is striking about the Irish taxi sector is that it is large in comparison to the number of inhabitants. The size of the sector is estimated at €750 million.

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