Which laws apply to the taxi market in Spain?

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Which laws apply to the taxi market in Spain?

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Are you a taxi operator in Spain? Or are you interested in this market? Then read on. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need about the Spanish taxi market.

Currently, the taxi sector in Spain is already strictly regulated. In Spain, the municipality determines when taxi licences are sold. Because this has happened little or not at all in recent years, the number of taxis has decreased and taxi licences are being traded illegally for much higher prices.

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In Spain, as in other countries, there is a rise in chauffeur-driven car rentals (e.g. Uber works this way). In Spain, there is a lot of discussion about this so-called VTC, because it is less regulated than the normal street taxis. In addition, the permits for these VTCs are cheaper. Taxi drivers in Spain have already protested several times against the arrival of large companies like Uber that use VTCs. They want this market to be subject to stricter regulation as well.


There is currently no prospect of a different set of laws or regulations for normal street taxis. Only in the area of VCTs have changes been made whereby there may only be one VCT for every 30 taxis in a region. In reality this is different and there is 5.96 VTC per 30 taxis in the whole of Spain.

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