Cabman launches Cabman Data Studio Live

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Cabman launches Cabman Data Studio Live

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Expanding on the existing Cabman Data and Cabman Data Studio, Cabman is now launching Cabman Data Studio Live. With Cabman Data Studio Live, you can view the data from your calendar package live in Cabman Data Studio. So you always have accurate and real-time insight into your data.

We built Cabman Data Studio Live at the request of customers who wanted real-time insight into a number of KPIs. This live insight enables them to better manage a number of points such as rides that need to be driven on time for certain contracts. So this is the big difference with Cabman Data Studio. In Cabman Data Studio, you can view data afterwards.

Flexible and customised

Cabman Data Studio Live is a product that is customised for each client. We can customise it for our clients according to their needs. These are not standard KPIs, but rather you can add your own data. Provided, however, that sufficient data can be retrieved from the calendar package. There are numerous possibilities including the KPIs below:

  • Rides started late
  • Punctuality
  • Total delivered rides and Total open rides
  • Turnover target
  • Downtime moments

You can use this data to gain insight into new won contracts, for example. Or it is possible to gain insight into which planners generate the most efficient routes. You choose which KPIs you want to view.

More information?

Would you like more information about Cabman Data Studio Live? Then get in touch with us. You can reach us by emailing or calling +31 (0) 13 460 92 80. We’ll be happy to tell you more!