Insight into the battery status and range of your vehicles

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Insight into the battery status and range of your vehicles

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More sustainable transport is becoming increasingly important in the taxi industry. Many tenders call for electric vehicles and more and more carriers are opting for this mode of transport. This is why we have developed Cabman Smart Vehicle. This is a product line with various modules that make it easier to transport more sustainably and gain insight into the information from your vehicles.

Cabman Vehicle Data

One of the key modules within the Cabman Smart Vehicle series is Cabman Vehicle Data. This module you can fully customise to your needs. With Cabman Vehicle Data, a CAN interface makes it possible to extract all kinds of information from the vehicle. From seatbelt sensors to a car’s vehicle range, it can all be read using this module. Want to know exactly what is possible? Then get in touch with us.

Cabman Driving style analysis

Another module in the Cabman Smart Vehicle Series is the Cabman Driving Style Analysis. You may already know the Driving Style Analysis from us, and from now on it will fall under Cabman Smart Vehicle. Cabman Driving Style Analysis for the Cabman MDT gives you insight into your drivers’ driving behaviour through comprehensive driving style analysis. All data is collected by the MDT and fed back to an online portal. In addition, Cabman Driving Style Analysis links scores back via the MDT to the driver during and after the shift. Drivers receive report marks based on the national average.

Combining modules

Did you know that the different Cabman Smart Vehicle modules can also be easily combined with each other! You can view the different modules via our dedicated Smart Vehicle page. With Cabman Smart Vehicle you get the most out of your vehicle data and have optimal insight into your fleet. Want to find out more about Cabman Smart Vehicle or take advantage of our special offer? Then get in touch with us! You can reach us by calling +3113-4609280 or sending an email to