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Gain insight into your vehicles and drivers with Cabman Data

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Have you already heard of Cabman Data? Cabman Data is Cabman’s online platform that gives you easy access to all the data of your vehicles and drivers. After an extensive test phase, the platform is currently available for free to our Software and Service customers. 

Cabman Data offers a variety of options and is currently free to try out for customers with a Software & Service subscription. One of the useful features offered by Cabman Data is the service overview. In this overview you can see all the services that have been driven and active.

In addition, Cabman Data provides a detailed overview of the activities within the service. For example, you can see the first movement after registration, the breaks and when the driver forgot to select an activity. It also provides insight into working time, breaks, number of loaded and unloaded kilometres and the total amount of the service. All trips can also be viewed on a map overview of the service. This allows you to see all trips at a glance.

Get various reports from Cabman Data

It is also possible to download various reports from the online platform. You can think of a service report, an overview of downtime and an hour report. The various reports are converted to Excel file which you can then easily save. The online platform also offers a live overview with which you can follow the current status of the vehicles on the map.

Manage your fleet

Cabman Data also has a section for fleet management. This list is easy to export, so you always have a complete and up-to-date list of your fleet. The following data is displayed per vehicle:

  • Master data: such as registration number and vehicle number.
  • The serial number of the BCT, the corresponding SIM card number and software version currently on the BCT.
  • Which configurations are active. Check, among other things, whether the BCT has a taximeter, data communication, myPOS connection or telephone module.

Would you like more information?

Want to know more about Cabman Data? Please contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our online platform.

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