This is how long the installation of a BCT takes

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This is how long the installation of a BCT takes

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It goes without saying that every Cabman BCT must be installed. In the Nederlands, this is done by Cabman Service & Installation or one of our service partners. But what can you expect from installing the BCT? And how long does this process take? Niels Reintjes works at Cabman Service & Installation and is happy to give you the answers to these questions.

What can the customer expect from the installation of a BCT?

The customer can expect the BCT to be installed in a professional manner. At Cabman Service & Installation, we have already installed more than 15.000 BCTs. The BCT is placed in a certain position in the vehicle. The exact position is determined in consultation with the customer. Of course, the BCT is tested and eventually activated with the right software and prices (if applicable).  After the installation, you can start working immediately!

How long does it take per BCT?

This depends on the customer’s configuration. Some customers only use the BCT, but there are also many entrepreneurs who use extra hardware. Think of the data modem, a taxi meter, printer, mobile payment terminal, Cabman ECO and the voice module. On average, with a standard configuration, it takes about two hours. This depends on the type of vehicle. Do we need to carry out a very extensive configuration? Then the installation time can be up to four hours.

What else can customers contact you for?

We mainly do a lot of work at the customer’s location. It is also possible to visit one of our Cabman Service locations in Goes, De Meern (Utrecht) and Tilburg. In addition to the installation, you can also call in us to deactivate, activate and service the BCT. In addition, we will be happy to assist you with the inspection of the taximeter and configuration changes.

Would you like more information about Cabman Service & Installation and our service partners? Take a look at the special Service & Installation page.